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PADI DIVE COURSES Earn your PADI Certification with Cozumel Dive Academy

Learn to scuba dive, or expand your diving knowledge in Cozumel's warm, clear blue waters.  At Cozumel Dive Academy, we take your safety very seriously.  Our Instructors have decades of experience and knowledge combined with an incredible passion for the ocean and the desire to share that with divers of all levels.  We believe DIVING should be fun and exciting but only with the highest level of safety and education.

Choose your PADI Scuba Course

 Cozumel Dive Academy makes learning to scuba dive on Cozumel easy; we have no hidden costs.  Our price includes:

  • Academic Materials
  • Training
  • Rental Gear
    • BCD
    • Weights
    • Regulators
    • Dive Computer
    • Air Cylinders
    • Exposure Protection
  • DAN Student Membership (For entry-level courses)
  • DAN Prepared Diver Online Course

We have programs for all divers and can help you reach your personal goals.  Education about marine conservation, safety, and having fun are all essential components of our courses. They are taught with a sense of humor, knowledge, commitment, and a love of the ocean.