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Fun, flexible Instructor Development Courses in Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel Dive Academy conducts our combined IDC/Emergency First Response Instructor Courses over a relaxed fourteen days. You will start at 09:00, and the day generally ends at 5:00 PM. This timeframe allows some flexibility in the schedule to include a couple of half-days off during your program to relax and go diving on Cozumels's spectacular coral reefs. This way, you are not just in the "classroom" all day. In addition, all our PADI Instructor Development Courses are also scheduled to coincide with a local PADI Instructor Exam (IE). The Instructor Exams are held on a Wednesday/Thursday on Cozumel.

Your IDC will begin on a Monday. This allows you to arrive a couple of days early to get settled in and have some fun dives before starting your program. We end the IDC on the Sunday before your Instructor Exam, allowing you have time to relax, dive and do a little review before your Instructor Exam.

Cozumel Dive Academy only offers the newest PADI products, including the new PADI IDC curriculum, to our candidates. Using the new Digital IDC Crewpac, you will complete a large portion of the IDC Theory from home, allowing for much more contact time to focus on the practical aspect of teaching PADI Courses.

Should you decide to add an optional MSDT Prep course, this is a five-day program and will start on the Saturday following your Instructor Exam.